Industry Documents

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Video Poker Revenue to Local Governments 2013-2014 PDF
Video Poker revenue paid to local governments for Fiscal Year 2013-204
Video Gaming Statistics General PDF
Statistics and other information regarding video gaming devices in the state of Louisiana.
Sales Tax Clearance Offices General PDF
In order to obtain or renew your alcoholic beverage permit, you must have a local sales tax clearance. The Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control has provided a list of the phone numbers for your parish’s Tax Authority. This information can also be obtained at
Video Poker Revenue to Local Governments 2014-2015 Revenue PDF
Video Poker revenue paid to local governments Fiscal Year 2014-2015
Louisiana Gaming Control Board Annual Report Revenue PDF
LAC 42:III/XI Supplement Rules & Regs PDF
Print these pages as a supplement to your current LAC 42:III/XI, Gaming Control Board, Video Poker publication (Orange Book), compiled in December 2012.
Title 42 - GAMING, February 2013 Rules & Regs PDF
ATC's Commonly Unknown Rules to Know Rules & Regs PDF
The Alcohol and Tobacco Control’s primary goal is to promote awareness and understanding throughout the industry of its rules and regulations. When laws and rules are ever changing, the ATC thought it helpful to provide some frequently misunderstood and commonly un-known rules. A list of some of the Alcoholic Beverage and Tobacco laws and regulations can be found on the Downloaded Files page of the LAMOA website. You can also go to the ATC website at to view them.
New Orleans Non Smoking Ordinance Rules & Regs PDF
ICIS to SAS Replacement Cost to Industry Central System PDF
Compiled in 2011, this report summarizes the replacement cost, by machine model number, of the central system ICIS to SAS conversion.
Machine Model Stats as of 6/13/14 Central System DOCX
File contains updated information including model numbers of video poker devices and upgrading status.
LSP: Video Gaming - Accounting Forms Gaming Forms Link
LSP: Video Gaming - Truckstops Gaming Forms Link
LSP: Video Gaming - Administrative / Application Forms Gaming Forms Link
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