2014 Regular Membership Application

Please fill out and submit this form to apply for regular membership with the LAMOA. Once we have received your information we will mail you invoices according to the schedule you request: annual, quarterly, or monthly.

This application is for “regular” membership. Associate membership requires an Associate Member application.

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Dues: $35. per machine. Minimum: $500 for 0 - 14 machines. Maximum: 300 machines.
 Are you a video poker operator who employs a lobbyist?
Because you employ your own lobbyist, you are eligible to choose one of the dues payment methods below.
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* LAMOA has estimated that 15% of the 2014 membership dues is allocable to lobbying expenditures. Consequently this portion of the 2014 LAMOA membership dues is not deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense for federal income tax purposes.
LAMOA Tax ID Number: 72-1118490