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Aubrey Brooks & Dale Fremin
Aubrey Brooks & Dale Fremin
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Charles Pasqua & Aubrey Brooks
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Jim Pietrangelo & Tommie Brooks

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There are many reasons to join forces with LAMOA. As part of the amusement and gaming industries in Louisiana, it makes sense to have your interests represented by the people who best understand your business? People aligned with an organization that exists solely to do all that's possible to assure the long-term viability and prosperity of the coin-operated amusement and video poker games industry in Louisiana?

Reasons to belong? Here are just a few:


The Louisiana Amusement and Music Operators Association was formed by a group of amusement game operators in 1982. For more than 30 years the association has functioned as an active organization; it's dedicated members working tirelessly to improve their industry. LAMOA's Director has nearly 20 years experience in the industry. During those years she has acquired both a hands-on understanding of the organization's history as well as the knowledge to answer the questions that members ask on a daily basis.


LAMOA was formed to unite against municipalities that were charging different amounts for licenses on machines. Since its inception LAMOA has worked to maintain a strong, vibrant industry; it's members united in an effort to assure positive outcomes with regard to issues that affect their businesses, both in positive and/or negative ways.


The association continuously monitors the legislative and regulatory landscapes within Louisiana as they relate to and influence its members businesses. The association is the industry's first and best line of defense.

  • Legislative: the association monitors bills and provides it's members with weekly updates during all legislative sessions; updating the status of bills and tracking where each is in the process.

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  • Regulatory: LAMOA monitors the rule promulgation process. Members receive copies of all rules being proposed, a final copy of the rule once implemented, and a copy of all new rule books when published by the State Registers office. The Executive Director attends the monthly Louisiana Gaming Control Board meetings to hear the issues that are coming before the board.

Unity of Voice

LAMOA provides a voice on behalf of its members. It monitors issues that will affect their livelihoods and provides valuable input. Some of the varied issues that LAMOA has tackled range the gamut from video poker parish elections to smoking bans, video poker rules and regulations, the ongoing ICIS to SAS protocol transfer, and the video poker application process itself.

LAMOA members know they can count on their trade association to always have their best interests at heart.