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Legal video poker was approved by the Louisiana State Legislature in 1991. Five years later, in 1996, individual parishes were permitted to hold an election to decide whether or not to allow video poker to continue to operate within their borders. Of the 64 total parishes, 31 voted to continue video poker operations while 33 voted to turn them off. Soon after the elections 1,996 video poker machines were removed from operation.

As of July, 2013, there were 14,032 video poker machines in operation within 2,014 locations statewide.

Video poker machine locations are categorized into five (5) separate types. State franchise fees are based on a percentage of net gaming proceeds. The percentage varies by type of location.

TypeDescriptionFranchise Fee
Type 1 Bars and Lounges 26.0%
Type 2 Restaurants 26.0%
Type 3 Hotels/Motels 26.0%
Type 4 Racetracks/OTBs 22.5%
Type 5 Truck Stops 32.5%

Since 1991, thru fiscal year 2011-2012, the following revenue has been generated by the Louisiana video poker industry. Having produced sizeable revenues used to help support state and local government, it’s fair to say that the industry has more than proven itself a good citizen and strong revenue producer for the state of Louisiana.

** all information from Louisiana Gaming Control Board report to the Louisiana State Legislature 2012-2013

Franchise Fees collected $3,275,282,732
Districts Attorney and Assisted Districts Attorney $106,542,000
Local Governments $743,152.505
Horsemen’s Purse Supplemental Fund $53,736,956
LA SP, AG, OMV Budget $130,173,646
Compulsive and Problem Gambling Fund $7,450,000
Transferred to General Fund $2,192,048,201